From time, form has created emotions. It’s been the language of hearts, which creates and explore the possibilities of who & what we're. Nurtured from the roots of past and tradition, we bring to you SADGI.
A Homegrown Jewelry Brand, based out of Rajasthan focusing on creating affordable, handcrafted artisanal pieces of Jewelry. All of our products are Designed and handmade by our local skilled craftsmen in Brass dipped with 18K Gold Plating.
We as a brand are never afraid to put our hands in new materials and unlikely designs, we believe in philosophy which says we're all so different and same. Through a continued exploration of form, materiality, and artisan techniques, we create jewelry collections comprised of evolved classics and subtle statements to celebrate our uninhibited self-expression.
We strive to preserve the age old craft techniques, motifs, local designs and the essence of India in our Design language. Each piece is painstakingly designed by us and manufactured by our artisans or responsibly sourced from craftsmen who have been practicing the art of jewelry making since generations.
From our choice of materials to our packaging, every element in our product is carefully selected while keeping the environment in mind. Each piece is handmade by artisans who have been practicing and perfecting the craft for generations. The designs are made in small batches with a strong focus on being zero waste.

Building a healthier environment and stronger communities of our artisan partners with our team that passionately works together to make a positive impact on the society.

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